Our two Electronic Weighbridges are of the highest quality Schenck Process, a German Company.

  • OIML Certificate approved for Schenck process weighbridges
  • UNBS Certified

We offer highly professional services for both Imports and Exports and our Weighbridge Slips have been accepted by all the shipping lines in Mombasa.  Our Weighbridge Services are utilized many Exporters from Uganda.

The two Weighbridges are certified by UNBS on an annual basis.

Moreover, our supply chain management experts would design a logistic process especially for you to align with your business in an integrated fashion. Our warehousing services, includes a wide range of services that includes inventory control and management, load building, yard management, static and dynamic replenishment, kitting, order processing, vendor performance, cross docking, supply chain management, logistic integration, bar coding, quality control, labelling, carrier performance, and so on.